Ola Amigo!

I don’t know much of Spanish and I’m not about to learn the language either but, I thought I’d start with pleasantries today. Anyways…

George Bernard Shaw said that life isn’t about finding oneself but rather creating yourself. We spend eternities and days wondering who we really are yet time once gone is time lost it cannot be recovered. Time should be spent on getting the best of ourselves out there. I mean at the end of the day what’s the value add of your existence on this earth?

Last Sunday we had a talk with Mr. Elmad Reagan and he mentioned something I thought you should know too. Life has 3 S’s. I’ll explain each one of them…

One, Survival.

Simply at life’s earliest stages we grapple with simple things such as getting to stand up yes? Climbing stairs and even getting to feed oneself. At this point we are dependent on our parents or guardians to say the least to live. Then comes in the formative stages when you’re learning the ropes and gaining a bit of independence, just a little emphasis on that. At this point there is education a key tool to survive and one has to make the best of their 18 plus years learning and acquiring knowledge applicable in the next stage….

Two, success.

Yes you heard me…Now you’re like Nemo out in the open sea but in this case you’re new to the world( i hope you watched Finding Nemo, that’s you the blue fish)You’re job seeking and trying to establish a position for yourself. Then comes the hustle and reality that your plans aren’t your own but for God to decide. You probably get a chance at love and fall hard and realise there’s more to a relationship than those 3 words which are said too much but not enough ( I know you’ve heard this song yes I simply love that lyric). It ends and you try different jobs cause it seems you’re in a rut in you’re life but you gotta hold on to hope which may feel like quick silver sometimes though. Success I’ve been told is well subjective and it depends. You can correct me on my views yeah?

Its a free world. Money is success to some while happiness is success to others. A friend said something a few days back… She said you know love doesn’t buy you food… But it keeps them together I thought. Its a matter of striking a balance in what you do. Keep on grinding and get rewarded with financial stability. Most of all don’t give up and don’t compare yourself to others. We all work in our own time frames. Don’t rush either…good things happen to those who wait and you know it. I have no idea what success is to you but do that which makes you happy and make others happy too which leads me to the final stage …


Yes what you’ll be remembered for … What words people will have at the tip of their tongue’s about you both in life and in death. Its all about the people, your success can’t be termed as significant if it simply remains success as many people find themselves stuck in stage two. They are renown for what they own but not their contribution to the society. Its said that a persons net worth is equal to his network. Make a difference not just for your friends and family but those around you. A little help goes a long way you know. Don’t stay successful solely be significant too. Find your terrain and make a good thing out of what you thrive in.

And that dear reader sums up what I wanted to share today… You probably already know and if you do it’s just a little reminder as you go about your day.

Yours truly,
Gingerly ginger😘



You’re probably wondering… Why the title? Well…even I don’t know. Thing is I felt like this is a common phrase that leisurely rolls off my tongue amid the seriousness in the choice of a yes or a no. It’s probably happened to you too and I thought I’d like to share a bit about it. Not knowing has been propulsion to make me ask and wonder why I wouldn’t know. You know those soliloquies you have in the middle of nowhere and at the most random places yeah?( and someone goes like ati?)

Those moments when you get lost in your head …when you’re reflecting on your life but you can’t answer the big questions. Their is some beauty in the raw moment when you unmask yourself and its just you naked and bare to all of life’s blows. That’s when you’re the truest version of yourself. When you’re not pretending and you’re not struggling to be someone you’re not. You’re simply wondering… Why you don’t know.

There’s meaning we are all looking for …we try all sorts of things but we’re really slowly dying on the inside out. Sad reality don’t you think…I’d like to know some time …what everyone knows… And most of all how they know how to go about this life. What’s life anyway ? Let’s not go down that road cause its got millions of twists and turns yeah with everyone having their own idea of how to go about it. There’s no plan really but there are red lights to avoid and from there you chart your own path and possibly leave footprints everywhere you go.

||Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing when or how. The moment you know how you begin to die a little. ~Agnus De Mille.||

I’m still new at this…I’m still young ( nothing can stop you )and feeding my appetite with new sites,tastes and interests. I’ve got energy if well dispensed could lead to making my surrounding a better place you see. Age is a beautiful thing …because in as much as the years increase …your mind is limitless and nothing can stop you from giving a ready and sure response when necessary and when required. There’s beauty in assurance however the future is uncertain… The ironies that have us in check amaze me at times.

Sometimes I think with all this wandering on unknown paths we are like Hansel and Gretel simply following a trail of breadcrumbs; Unaware of the danger that lies ahead but eager to quench our thirst for what we could be possibly missing on.It’s okay not to know too cause who really knows everything… Give yourself a break you deserve one sometimes… Just don’t take a month break…do what you love and damp your mind of what burdens you.

Breath and inhale a new lease of life. Then once more undertake your journey of rediscovery. And slowly by slowly the onion layers will peel off(hope you get the picture) and you’ll see what’s beneath. (I chose onions cause its not easy …there’s “tears” sometimes). I hope you find the missing bit of your puzzle; May you have the eureka effect when you do so. I hope you laugh yourself silly over what you’ve been so long searching for. When you’re done and you’re still at I don’t know…come aboard as we adjust our sails and ride the high seas of life’s uncertainties.

Oh and do tell me the first thought you had when you saw the title. I’m a curious bird like you. Bon voyage!

In short…

Some days seem longer than others some nights shorter… It’s life irony of ironies.. It’s what you make it and what you take in.. It depends … It’s not right or doesn’t seem ‘appropriate’ but really giving a hoot about every Tom, Dick and Harry’s opinion leaves you at the worlds dispense… But hold up who am I kidding… Most times there’s a face for the world.. another for the yourself.. Some say life is..simply life… It’s life. Most times it’s Friday before we realise Monday passed and well most of us just exist and don’t live… I wonder if we had to work for our breath.. Would we be a bit more industrious?… That’s up to you yeah it really is.. At your own discretion.. Some times we float away with our emotions i mean literally float to one of the imaginary islands our great brains have …and for just a moment .. It seems so real.. If we could live our dreams… Then wouldn’t our dreams be realised in our lives…. Thought … For you.. Well the beauty is in not knowing… The mystery of uncertainty and the magic in expectations that most times turn to disappointments when we for a while wait for life to happen.. There’s excitement in not knowing the next episode in your life… The future is the next moment.. And even nearer than well.. We expected…you dont belong in the past but from whence are lessons or achievements to be learned and appreciated respectively.. The future is now… Life will pass by so fast… So it’s simply now… It’s simply never too late… Sometimes too take a break laugh and cheer up even if you don’t know… What’s next… It’s okay… It’s life… It’s an irony I took longer than I thought I would… Live life though… 

I’ll borrow some words for a start. Life is like a candle it either slowly melts away or a harsh wind blows it away…

i don’t know what life you live but make it worthwhile.