Hey there stranger.

There was something peaceful about how well he sat there on the dusty bench.The light bright enough I could see the features of his face,Built and broken by age.He seemed to be reading or deep in thought. Well was I minding my business? ...clearly not.But he'd caught my attention as I opened the gate for… Continue reading Hey there stranger.


Let’s wrap this up shall we?

Yes yes I did think of writing this on the 31st but it felt like a cliché. Why you wonder? Well, for one, it's simply moving from one day to the next, that's all. For me the real difference is in the 1% you know now that you didn't know yesterday. I thought of what… Continue reading Let’s wrap this up shall we?


classic films that you should really give a shit about, sorta…(part 2)


Here’s a thing or two about reviews. Write them when the movie is still fresh and you’re still pissed or in love with a character. When you resonate with their heartbeat and you’re in sync with the screenplay writer. When you’re knee deep in your feels and you’re all helplessly crying and laughing because you relate with what’s happening .When you can quote them and follow with conversation as the movie continues heck even when you can act with them. You know? Write down how you really feel about it cause it adds perspective in a real time manner. Try it out and tell me. It’s something else.Haiya let’s delve. This feels like online shopping and a whooop..

*Add to cart, let’s continue with more film rec’s, so to my first one.

When Harry Met Sally.

Your classic story of boy meets girl but boy does he take forever to say what really matters. If i’ve made you watch this film like twice i’m sorry i’m not sorry😂😂😂. Sally (Meg Ryan) is off to New York and carpools with her friend then boyfriend Harry (Billy Crystal). It’s the start of something new as they are both enroute the start of their careers.You know that feeling after university when all the possibilities are endless and you’re somehow unstoppable?

What make me wonder as so many do is the fundamental question, ‘Can men and women ever be just friends? ‘ Harry thought it impossible based on the fact that sex always came in the way.

Harry: No man can be friends with a woman he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.
Sally: So you are saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?
Harry: No, you pretty much want to nail them too.

Later on she presupposes that he tried hitting on her when he compliments her.At the eatery a woman wants what Sally is having when she was describing that people can fake orgasms and get away with them. Eventually they sort of leave on bad terms and bump into each other many years later at the airport and Harry barely recognizes her. They’re both settled with Harry married and Sally engaged. Years pass and they meet at a bookstore which i’d say was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You know how it seems as though telling someone you love especially when you’re close is the hardest thing you can ever do? That’s what these two were like up until one new years eve when he realised that he’d found the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he couldn’t wait anymore.

Notting Hill

This is the story of a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. If you’ve watched The Big Bang Theory then Raj and Howard had a parody scene of this but oh well, let’s get into this shall we?

Is there a particular way we should go about first encounters? Does someone have a script on how to act natural about how it and at the same time make a good impression?There’s the beauty of failed firsts, you will have something to laugh about later. You were nervous and ended up describing a kiss as ‘surreal but nice’. In that very moment it seems like it couldn’t get worse than that. Own your experience, it’s history in the making.

Notting Hill is my best description of you had me at hello, well in this case for William (Hugh Grant) who fell for Anna (Julia Roberts).Could you ask for a better duo? P.S Notting Hill is about 21 years now. It starts off at a bookstore eh but is it classic film if a bookstore isn’t featured somewhere? He barely recognizes that someone famous just walked into his traveller’s bookshop and quickly gives his recommendations. Amidst all that a petty thief stops his conversation midway and ends up recognizing the famous actor,Anna Scott.

She eventually makes her purchase and they cross paths a little later with orange/mango juice poured on her top. Courtesy necessitates that he helps her and she gets a change of clothes while at his place across the street. Here’s the thing, it might seem like your basic romcom,boy meets girl and we always know how it ends, it’s a stereotype but here’s the difference between every romcom. Their story drives the experience and this is one story i love. I love the architecture in this film too; wanderlust at best. I wonder how an actor feels like when they act like an actor. Pause and read that again it’s okay.

This film reminds me of the very observable differences that can separate a man and women; power, status,money. I mean he was a nobody and she was a somebody. If you get what i mean.Deep down however, love severed any ties that prevented them from being together. It took a man who really loved a woman and a woman who took so long to realize that what she had been looking for was right in front of her the whole time.

Journalist: “Yes. Anna, how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?”

Anna: “Indefinitely.”

I guess people need to know the difference between when they need to leave and when they need to stay. When it matters most and when it counts the least. But above all, choose happiness.

One Day

Well, one day has always been close to my heart i rewatch it every so now and then not because i expect a different ending but because i can’t get enough of it.It;s the 15th of July 1988 , Dexter and Emma are just done with university and sailing off to the start of their lives with big expectations. Dexter a hedonist is already drunk while Emma is quite optimistic with big dreams. Their friendship starts off as a casual lay but eventually shifts to a strong platonic feel. Bored with the casual and mundane dance of their careers ( especially Emma who had really set her mind on writing but eventually was working at a restuarant )they set off to a trip just the two of them and they break all the rules they had set while still making the most out of their lovely trip.

Anniversaries make me happy. To say that these two would meet every year on the 15th of July regardless of wherever they both were they’d find a way to meet. I felt like they were so drawn to each other but they always brushed it away but if you really saw how they looked at each other or the sublimiinal messages of love beneath the casual conversations you’d see it like do.

The telephone booths are quite frankly another highlight as everytime Dexter stumbles he remembers he has someone just a phone call away. His mother is sickly and he is sad but he has to keep up with the quicksand that’s fame.Dexter is unhappy when he’s alone, he tries to fill this void with the women and the booze but to no end can those make up for what his heart wants. He says he has to do what he’s told despite his momma asking him to do the right thing. He really loves his mother and you can see it the way he treats her as opposed to the bittersweet relationship he has with his father.

Meanwhile Emma is making slow but sure moves in her career while Dexter is getting worse with his hosting career getting worse by the day with critics and press not for him. Emma has a new beau, Ian,who i didn’t like (brupper or brunner?)cause i shipped Dexmma but still i felt like Emma settled for what was around her and not what she wanted. Dexter’s mother dies.

Pause, look at that title again, one day, it’s really befitting to a 20 year old love story that took too long to happen and was the best thing that happened. Sadly, it came to an abrupt end when Emma died. That struck a chord and Dexter took a long time to recover and was at his worst every 15/07. The calendar date was set but his person was no more. Eventually he did get his life on track but stories of love and loss, of tragedy and of hope give the most meaning.

Sleepless In Seattle

Has Tom Hanks ever let you down? i think so too Rita Ora. Anyway so, I guess you should start off with An Affair to Remember before you watch this one yeah. A man just lost his wife to cancer and hasn’t moved on as such. Sam, that’s his name. He has a young son who encourages him to tell his story on a popu;ar evening radio station and immediately after there is an outpouring of women interested in him but he doesn’t take a keen interest in any of that.

Two stranger seemingly connected find a way to be together. Annie played by Meg Ryan doesn’t seem to feel like her relationship is working. It is lacklustre and something isn’t alive anymore. She listens to Sam over the radio but doesn’t mail her letter to him. As fate would have it her friend emails it to Sam as one of the interested women who were saddened by his story. Sam’s son finds this letter and is quite taken away. He secretly replies to the letter and agrees to meet Annie on Valentines Day at the Empire State Building.

Have you ever just looked at someone and felt a need to speak to them or a strange feeling of de ja vu . Some sort of connection existed between the two and they ran into each other quite a couple of times. If this was you, would you say hello? And after that what would your opening statement be? Annie left it at hello. Sam’s son shipped for the two of them and boarded a plane to New York in hopes of meeting Anne, when Sam finds out he books the next plane out to where his son. I’d have panicked man. Meanwhile Anne is in a nearby building and chooses to risk it all. She abandons her boyfriend while he is proposing and then heads for the Empire State Building.

Would you risk it all for love? For someone you barely know? For a voice you can’t seem to forget, that plays like a broken record in your mind?She dared and it worked out well for Anne and Sam.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman (1990)
Directed by Garry Marshall
Shown from left: Richard Gere (as Edward Lewis), Julia Roberts (as Vivian Ward)

Okay fine, yes Julia Roberts does some great work in whatever she stars in let’s not deny it yes? Meg Ryan also has that natural chemistry with her co actors i can’t quite explain. This movie sets off with a great start. .Sounds like a lot of Disney to me

Vivian played by Julia Roberts is a call girl is hired by Richard to play his girl for a night. I must say her wardrobe should get a 2020 remake because it’s still a trailblazer in my own opinion.

When she was a little girl she wanted to be a princess and trapped in a tower and a knight would come rescue her


Look at that pretentious title. But, hear me out, coolio? I watch movies & films; any production that isn’t big screen, Hollywood – cliche, indie directed, philosophical, or old, immediately falls under film category, while the opposite of that falls under the former. You know a film vibe and a movie vibe, I know you can already visualize this, so I’ll pause right there and let you pinpoint the obvious. At the beginning of the year, I resolved to watch 50 old movies and read 20 books. I’m not doing so badly if I say so myself, we’re currently at #10 ish.

I’ll get to that but first,

My laptop bid me goodbye. I’m certain it’s because I didn’t name it. My baby was nameless, thus the lack of that honor made it cave in, sooner than I thought. I mean it had lived its stipulated shelf life, and despite…

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